Our Vision

“You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church” – Matthew, 16:18
As members of the Diocese of Buffalo, we are the foundation of our Church, and we are entrusted with building upon that foundation by welcoming and honoring God’s call to serve. Therefore, the Church of Buffalo has identified Upon This Rock as a means to strengthen essential pillars of our Church and ensure our ability to continue effectively carrying out the Lord’s mission of service for years to come. After a period of extensive prayer and inquiry, which included in-depth discussions with hundreds of members of the clergy, laity, and diocesan leadership, the Church of Buffalo has initiated Upon This Rock to bolster and fortify three crucial pillars of our foundation:

Serving Our Parishes
Strengthening our parishes as the center of our faith community, while providing pastoral care and outreach across our diocese through evangelization and stewardship.

Those Who Serve
Investing in the formation and education of the next generation of clergy and providing essential care for our retired priests.

How We Serve
Supporting the works of Catholic Charities and increasing availability of high quality, Catholic education.

While we have enjoyed many blessings, we face many challenges. During times of hardship or suffering, we have turned to our faith in God and our Church to find comfort and strength to move forward. We are now called to look beyond ourselves and use our blessings and gifts in a way that ensures future generations will be able to find the same strength. Upon This Rock will have a profound impact on our service of God’s kingdom in the Diocese of Buffalo.

Upon This Rock is a historic initiative for the Diocese of Buffalo, which will fund extraordinary projects and programs.  Large or small, each donation makes a real difference here in Western New York. Please call us at 716-847-8740 so we can help you help us.