The Office of the Bishop of Buffalo has selected an outstanding and diverse group of talented and knowledgeable experts, leaders, and philanthropists from throughout the region to serve as Trustees.

Most Reverend Michael Fisher – Board Chair

Howard Curlett III – Vice Chair


Rev. Peter Karalus

Melissa Potzler

Rev. Msgr. Richard Siepka

Deacon Steve Schumer

Kristin Bauer

Thomas R. Beecher, Jr.

C. Kevin Brayer

James Contino

Domenic Cortese

Joleen Dimitroff

David E. Gaulin

Anthony Habib

Richard Heist

JoAnne A. Hudecki

Joseph A. Ieraci

Nick Knab

Martha Lamparelli

Jeanne Magavern

Kalie Mackenna

Charles Mendolera

James Millard

Gina Roblin

Connor Rosenecker

Laureen Syta

Kellie Ulrich

Robert Wunsch


Nancy Gugino – Executive Director of FRCDB

Dennis Schaeffer – Legal Counsel Bond,
          Schoeneck & King PLLC