STREAM Grant Reporting

Unless otherwise specified, schools are required to complete a final report twelve (12) months from receipt of grant monies, or within three (3) months of the project’s completion; whichever is sooner. The report should be submitted to the FRCDB at or by mail to FRCDB, 795 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203.

FRCDB Grant Reporting

Submit a Final Report to the FRCDB, following the expenditure of FRCDB grant monies no later than twelve(12) months after the date of check or six (6) months after funds expended, whichever is sooner, directed to the FRCDB at or by mail to FRCDB at 795 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14203. Note: Failure to complete a Final Report will preclude your organization from submitting further grant requests. Additionally, an organization may be contacted up to 36 months from grant award for a program sustainability update request.

Follow these instructions to submit your final report:

1. Download this Final Report form.
2. Download this Final Report Funding Spreadsheet.
3. Fill out both forms, save as PDF
4. Email all receipts – must match the funding spreadsheet – with both forms to