Catholic Compassion Fund: Emergency Tuition Assistance Supporting Families in Times of Hardship

At the FRCDB, we understand the challenges that families can face when unexpected hardships strike. Our Emergency Tuition Assistance program is designed to provide a helping hand during these difficult times, ensuring that children can continue to receive a quality Catholic education without interruption. We believe that no family should have to choose between their child’s education and dealing with emergencies such as the sudden loss of a parent, job loss, or other unforeseen crises.

About the Program

Our Emergency Tuition Assistance program aims to alleviate the financial burden caused by unexpected circumstances, allowing families to focus on healing and recovery while ensuring that their child’s education remains secure. We have established a dedicated fund to provide rapid and compassionate support to families in the Diocese of Buffalo who are facing genuine emergencies.

How it Works

When a family encounters an unforeseen hardship that threatens their ability to cover tuition costs, they can apply for emergency assistance through our streamlined application process. Our compassionate team carefully reviews each application, aiming to provide a prompt response to ensure minimal disruption to the child’s education. Approved assistance may cover a portion or the entirety of the tuition costs, depending on the family’s circumstances and the available funds. Awards are based on prioritized necessity basis. Though we would like to serve everyone, the Foundation has limited resources and must evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.

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